Many businesses don’t know where to start or don’t have a firm understanding of what is possible. The following projects are real world implementations of AI. Use them as a lever to start thinking differently about your business, how your business can benefit from AI and most importantly, ask your self how can AI unlock our future!

**Artificial Intelligence Applications - Agriculture: ** The world needs to figure out how to produce more food and how to optimize the output of the food it produces. This is a big challenge if we are to meet the requirement to produce 50% more food by 2050.

Farmers are using technology like See & Spray to use computer vision for object detection to monitor and spray weed while preserving the healthy plants.

**Artificial Intelligence Applications: Autonomous Vehicles ** For the longest time, self-driving cars have been a buzzword in the AI industry. The development of autonomous vehicles will definitely revolutionaries the transport system.

Companies like Waymo conducted several test drives in Phoenix before deploying their first AI-based public ride-hailing service. The AI system collects data from the vehicles radar, cameras, GPS, and cloud services to produce control signals that operate the vehicle.

**Artificial Intelligence Applications: Higher Education ** The college admissions process is getting faster and more personalized.
 By automating many administrative activities during the admissions process including visa processes, student housing selection, and course registration, colleges and universities will be able to provide customizable experiences for students.

Student retention efforts will be more proactive than reactive.
By identifying early warning signs, red flags, and students who are most likely to struggle academically, student success personnel will be able to create retention plans that anticipate, rather than react to, students’ difficulties. Admissions teams will have assistance addressing “summer melt.” By providing personalized and frequent text messaging and communication, AI can identify accepted applicants who paid a deposit in May but may not enroll in September. This identification allows admissions staff to create intervention strategies to increase their autumn enrollment numbers.

Over the next few months, we will be addressing many of the applications and use cases for how AI is already driving industry. We would love to begin to work with you and help you on your journey. Contact us with any questions or ideas you’d like to explore together.