Ideas are currency. Ideas help companies grow and create massive breakthroughs. But where do your ideas come from?

We believe nothing happens without a conversation and through collaboration, cooperation and a champion new ideas and partnerships are forged. Zerion.AI Discovery provides technology discovery services that advocates on behalf of member companies and leaders to identify ideas, people, partners, technology and opportunities to take companies to the next level.

At the core, Zerion.AI Discovery is research team that loves learning what makes leaders and companies tick and then sets out to connect the dots on behalf of member companies. We become an extension of your leadership teams providing forward reconnaissance, research insights and when lighting strikes, we connect people and companies who can mutually improve and benefit from knowing each other.

We are not sales people with a quota, however, customers may be won.

We are not recruiters, however, we may find great people who fit into your company culture or fill a gap in the organization chart.

We are not analyst, however, we will provide you with idea decks and insights that can help you imagine a better tomorrow for your team and company.

Zerion.AI builds relationships, solves problems and provides game changing insights.

How It Works:

Zerion.AI Discovery is an annual consulting relationship starting with a deep discovery and research project of a member company. The member company and the Zerion.AI Discovery co-creates a company profile including list of challenges, ideal partner profiles, culture profile, expensive problem bank, resource gaps and technology requirements.

Next, the Zerion.AI Discovery team goes to work identifying challenges and opportunities to explore and potential resources to solve those problems. A resource could be a novel insight, sharing research, making an introduction, mapping a market or industry, establishing a tech exchange or introducing potential partners.

Throughout the relationship, Zerion.AI Discovery becomes an advocate for your company and seeks new opportunities to be explored outside of the norm.