You are NOT looking for Big Data Services. You are looking for outcomes, competitive advantages, new ideas, and transformational insights that challenge, advance and expand how your business works in an ever-changing world.

Accelerate your time to value. Leverage our experience solving expensive problems for enterprise customers around the world. We combine an innovative approach, novel insights and leading edge technology to unlock the true potential of your data. Insight without action is useless. Our consulting engagements establish deep partnerships with our clients where we are an extension of your team and take action. Together, we find answers.

We are a team of developers and data scientists who work closely with you to translate your intended business outcomes into a strategy and then take action. We believe data is a company’s most valuable asset. People are not assets. They are people! Empowering them to do what they do best with data-driven insights accelerates what is possible and helps your people focus on what matters most. We help you bring this vision into reality. With a strong foundation in data science, we partner with you to bring ideas to life.

We believe that creativity and innovation comes from diversity of thought. We bring thought leaders and experience across industries, cultures and professional experiences and challenge you and your team to think differently about your business. Our approach relies on your teams as subject matter experts and we provide a unique lens for them to look at the world to identify new opportunities, businesses, products and novel ways of driving impact.